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"맞은 놈은 기억해도, 때린 놈은 기억 못 한다."

장난으로 학교폭력을 일삼으며 학창 시절을 함께 보냈던 남녀 6인은 졸업 후 평범한 생활을 하고 있던 어느 날, 누군가에 의해 알 수 없는 밀폐된 한 장소에 납치된다. 납치당한 이유를 짐작조차 못한 채로 어떻게든 그 상황에서 탈출하려 발버둥을 쳐본다. 범인은 그들에게 본인들이 지었던 죄에 대한 질문을 던지지만 살면서 저질렀던 다른 죄들만 늘어놓을 뿐, 원하던 답은 나오지 않는다. 범인은 그 죄를 기억해 내면 무사히 돌려보내겠다며 같은 질문을 계속 던져보지만 그들은 기억해 내지 못하고 고문을 당하거나 죽는다. 죽음의 공포에 끊임없이 고통받으며 자신들이 과거에 저질렀던 죄를 기억해 내려 노력을 하는데..


Six men and women who spent their school days hurting other friends, and one day when they were living a normal life after graduation, they were kidnapped by someone in an unknown enclosed place. They struggle to get away without even knowing why they were kidnapped there. At that moment, a Haheo masked criminal appears to them. The criminal is a victim of school violence, which he suffered throughout his school days. The criminal designed this revenge by seeing them living well without even remembering the school violence they had committed against to him. The criminal begins to ask them questions about their crimes. They are asked the same question in each round, but they do not remember the school violence they committed in school, and they are tortured one by one. They are constantly suffering from the fear of death without getting the right answer and trying to remember the sins they committed in the past..

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